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While the InfiniiVision 3000T was an outstanding general-purpose oscilloscope, the new InfiniiVision 3000G takes its performance up a notch. With 8 standard features customers previously had to upgrade to on the 3000T, including new waveform and measurement histograms, the 3000G is the clear winner in extended test capability. From R&D and debug requirements, to low-speed serial design and test, to even education needs – the 3000G equips you with the best available tools to support a diverse array of oscilloscope needs.

The 3000G series has extended test capability — with the best new features STANDARD

  • Waveform and measurement histograms
  • Built-in waveform generator
  • I2C, SPI, UART, I2S, and USB PD trigger & decode
  •  Mask limit testing
  • Measurement limit testing
  •  Frequency response analysis (Bode plots)
  •  Enhanced HDTV video analysis
  •  LAN/VGA connectivity module

More information about the new Keysight DSOX3000G oscilloscopes can be found HERE.

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