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GOOD - BETTER - BEST bundles: Save up to 35% when purchasing preconfigured hardware and software bundles of selected Keysight oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and signal generators

Keysight has added a pre-configured hardware + software bundles to its range, allowing the user to get an optimized comprehensive solution for their test lab at a discounted price. In each device category, there are 3 levels of equipment to choose from (good - better - best) according to individual needs.

More information about bundles by category:

In case of questions, please, contact us on info@htest.ro.

New oscilloscopes bundles with accessories for specific measuring applications now with a 25% discount!
Do you need a new oscilloscope and accessories or measuring applications that will exactly meet your requirements, but you do not know which accessories to choose from the wide range? Keysight introduced pre-configured application-specific bundles that can be simply ordered under a single model number. Six different bundles of products optimized for automotive, power, and jitter test & debug are available. Choose the one that best fits your measurement application & budget and save 25% off the list price relative to purchasing the same items individually.

Closer information available HERE.
Product sheet HERE.

Informational flyers to particular bundles:
Automotive Bundle Flyer
Power Bundle Flyer
Jitter Bundle Flyer

In case of any questions, please, contact us on info@htest.ro.

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